AI Dojo

immersive artificial intelligence and data science trainings Computer-generated image of humanoid robot meditating dōjō (道場, Japanese) - a place for immersive learning.
Literally, a place to learn the path (dō).


"Should we let ChatGPT handle customer service?"
"How can we predict demand and automate our supply chains?"
"Can AI assistants help us develop software faster?"
"Can we use computer vision in product testing?"
"Are deepfakes a threat to our enterprise?"

Relax, we've got you :-)

The AI Dojo is the place to learn AI and data science in a calm and immersive atmosphere.

We'll devise a training program, just right for you. Or, you can choose from one of the existing programs we have built for happy clients.

Participants of the AI Dojo are usually teams of Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and Software engineers who want to level-up in some area of AI. We also offer customized training for non-technical decision makers.

Read on to learn more about our teaching method and to get to know our trainers.

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Our teaching method

We train your team in focused sessions of a few consecutive days. Here's how we make sure that the AI Dojo is a calm and immersive place for learning:

Tailored to your needs

We'll discuss with you beforehand exactly what you and your team want to get out of the training. We know that teams members often have diverse technical backgrounds, and we'll make sure that everybody finds their place in the Dojo.

Immersive Learning

We'll make sure that you know the essentials to get started, but really, the best way to learn is to just dive in and try things out.

Code examples and live coding

Code examples are a great way for immersing oneself in the material. We'll walk you through examples that showcase important concepts — and we'll run and modify them live, too.

Hands-on exercises

We'll form smaller groups that work on smaller exercises together. The trainers check in with each group regularly to make sure that no one is stuck.

Conversations with experts

Questions and discussions are encouraged at any point during the training. Your trainers have spent many years building AI solutions for clients and are happy to share their knowledge (and perhaps some anecdotes here and there).

Tried and tested

.. have a look at some of the training programs we have built for happy customers

Deep learning with pytorch or tensorflow (2-3 days)

Understand the fundamentals of neural networks and how to build them with the PyTorch or the TensorFlow framework.

Current developments in artificial intelligence (3 days)

An update on recent advances in this fast-moving field, and their potential for your enterprise.

Machine learning on time series (2-3 days) Analysis and forecasting of data over time, and its numerous business applications.
Advanced machine learning (2-3 days)

From feature engineering tricks to explanatory modelling - learn to integrate versatile, state of the art techniques for machine learning.

Computer vision (3 days)

From image classification to autonomous driving - understand how to build seeing machines.

All trainings are available in English as well as in German.

Our trainers

Industry practitioners and experienced teachers

Picture of Trainer Christian

Christian Staudt

Freelance Data Scientist

PhD in Computer Science. Focused on consulting and software engineering for data mining, machine learning & artificial intelligence.

Picture of Trainer Katharina

Katharina Rasch

Freelance Data Scientist

Data scientist | computer vision engineer | teacher.
PhD in Computer Science. Interested in building machine learning products, introducing software best practices into data science, mentoring.


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